John Wallace – MeTV Network Promos

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John Wallace was a veteran news anchor for more than 40 years on ABC30 (KFSN, Channel 30.1) and CBS47 (KGPE, Channel 47.1).  He was a beloved local celebrity until his passing in 2017.  John was a dear friend of mine and the first talent I ever got to produce.  In 2011, when I helped launch MeTV Network (Fresno), I reached out to John, who’d then already retired from ABC and was serving as a Public Information Office for a local non-profit, to see if he’d be willing to do some on-camera work to promote the launch of our new classic television network.  John accepted, an all-day shoot was scheduled, scripts for a series of genre-based promos were written by me with approval from the network, and great lengths were taken to find authentic props from local Army surplus stores, the Fresno Veteran’s Museum, and other sources. These promos aired for several years on various cable, satellite, and broadcast networks until John’s passing. John absolutely loved the spots as they portrayed his acting abilities and gave viewers another perspective of John that they’d never seen.

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