Free TV Fresno Promos

Portfolio Description

Free TV Fresno was a PSA campaign I developed for Ventura TV Electronics and Appliances and their newly formed subsidiary Ventura Broadcasting Company.  The goal of Free TV Fresno was to educate viewers about free, over-the-air broadcast television in efforts to promote “cord-cutting”, the term used when viewers cancel paid subscriptions to cable and satellite and opt for free television.  The underlying goals of this campaign was to increase antenna sales and installations while increasing viewership to the retailers newly launched broadcast television stations, which incidentally aired the retailers TV spots.  It was a win win for all.  In the process I got to work with local celebrities including John Wallace and Angelo Stalis formerly of ABC30, as well as, local Spanish television personalities Daniel Rodriguez and Gil Garcia.  This playlist features a few of the promos produced with these talented men and a couple social videos we used for the campaign.

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